Protein A - FC binding...what really happens?

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> Thanks, Mike.
> Forgive my ignorance. Does the V region refer to the hinge, and is this
> region variabl e, and is this why you say that only a proportion of IgGs
> will bind to it, or have I m issed the point. 

No the V-region refers to the first N-terminal domain of all classes and
subclasses. The hinge is between the 2nd and the 3rd domain of the heavy

Take a look at


> Also, I had assumed the protein A molecule was fairly conserved. My
> protein A manufact urer gives Staph, aureus as the source organism. Is
> this enough information to conclud e that different protein A batches,
> conjugates etc have identical binding characterist ics, or are we talking
> about sub-species hybrid variability?

There are multiple binding sites in Staph a. protein A and some companies
market engineered versions where these sites have been modified.

> If you can cite anything relevent to to read it would help me immensely.
> I'm a neurobiologist! Thanks again for your insights. Basically I am up a
> creek with this project a t the moment.
> Terry

Rather busy I'm afraid, but try my site above for a starting point.

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