Storing antibodies

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Sat Aug 3 13:18:06 EST 2002

On Thu, 13 Jun 2002 01:29:10 -0000, Stacy Ferguson wrote:
>For the TC supernatant and ascities, I'd just aliquot into polycarbonate
>tubes or microfuge tubes. The TC supernatant titers are likely low but
>there's so much serum there that it'll compete so well for coating the 
>walls of the tubes that it's unlikely that there's be a noticable drop
>in titer. The ascites, assuming it hasn't been cut yet, also has a 
>lot of extraneous protein in it and since the titer there should be 
>reasonably high, you're not going to lose a large percentage. 
>For purified Ab, this would be a judgement call based on concentration 
>and how clean you need it for your purposes. If it's very low concentration,
>you'll likely lose a high percentage of it. If it's higher, it's not 
>as big an issue. If you're concerned about it, you could pre-coat your
>tubes with another protein that is unlikely to be a problem in further
>uses of the antibody. If you're going to use it in ELISA assays unlabeled,
>you could, for example, coat the tubes with BSA or whatever you're using
>as a blocking agent for those assays. For indirect use in flow cytometry,
>you could coat the tubes with dilute serum or what you usually use in
>your staining buffers, etc.

Our purified Ab is relatively high titer, so I opted for the
low-binding Nunc vials. They are also easy to organize and store in
the cryoboxes (the glass vials are not!)

Thanks for the suggestions! 

>p.s. I've been reading your weight training stuff for years and I count
>on it to figure out how to tweak things when I hit a weight plateau in
>a lift. So thanks!

Glad to hear I don't bore everyone with my writing. I've been accused
of being 'too technical.' ;)

Happy Lifting,


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