Cancer product company sales positions.

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Cancer product company sales positions.

Multi-level. A name that brings up all kinds of thoughts in most people's
minds. Usually they are negative or mixed thoughts.
Well almost all business and economic trade is multi-level. The typical
company management profile is extremely pyramid.
A president or C.E.O. at the top, directors or administrative board members
of a few people, department administrators of more people, then departments
of clerical, production, assembly, distribution, maintenance, house keeping
etc. at the bottom. This is a multi-level pyramid. Can the truck driver in
the warehouse ever displace the president and earn more income than the
president? I venture to say never.

Next. The typical product distribution chain is multi-level. Start from the
manufacturing facility, then shipping to a distribution center, shipping to
a wholesaler, shipping to the retailer. Every step of this model adds costs
to the consumer. Then the retailer is the final consideration. The consumer
pays for more retail costs of the product. The store rent, insurance,
employees, employee benefits, shoplifting, merchandising displays, damages,
spoilages, advertising, utilities, insurance, security, phone services etc.
All these costs are included in the final sale price to the consumer.
Considering the distribution costs and the retail store costs it is the
biggest multi-level operation in existence.
Consumers see a retail store and the visual impact draws them in. There is
little thought about the multi-levels that put the product on the display.

Now. The other model. M.L.M.
Eliminate the distribution chain. Eliminate the retail costs. Only have a
price list of products and / or maybe have a catalog or Internet site.
Consumers call an 800 number directly to the manufacturer or make an online
order and the products arrive at their door 1 or 2 days later. This allows
MLM companies to put more resources into better products instead of into
distribution and retail costs.

The rewards. If you take a friend to Costco, Sam's, Canadian Tire, Sears
introduce them to the manager and this person becomes a customer, what do
you get? Nothing. Maybe a smile. In MLM the parent company has saved nearly
50% in distribution costs. They can pay you a customer finder fee of
typically 7% of the referred customer purchase. You have become part of the
company sales team. You can refer as many people as you wish. It is like any
business, volumes equal income. In this model any person can earn more that
the President / C.E.O. of the pyramid example. In MLM you get PAID in
multiple levels.

The MLM companies. There have been many fly-by-night companies. This has
certainly hurt the image of MLM. Many suspicious companies are listed at
these sites:

A search at is usually good to make discoveries.

Many MLM companies focus on 'health' oriented products. Be investigative, do
your own research, is there 5 times as much 3rd party info about the company
and it's product(s)?
Don't believe all the company info without doing your own due diligence of
Ask questions like these:

What medical proof do you have for your claims?
Are these products covered by Medicare or Medicaid?
Are they listed in the Physician's Desk Reference?
Are they included in the Pharmacy "Red" Book?
Do they have Method-of-Use Patents? NOT formula patents that foods get.
Can a search at PubMed reveal ongoing scientific studies of these products?
Do these products have any completed clinical studies?

In MLM your personal income is directly related to your effort,
organization, selling skills, personality etc. It is hard job. Don't be
lured by any person who says it is 'easy' or 'you will make $6000 per month
after 3 months of work.' It won't happen.

In retail the sale of one product earns a profit and income one time only.
MLM generates income on all future sales and from other people you have
helped. Multi-levels of income. A concept the 'pyramid' business world will
never have.

Well. If you have read this far what is my offer?

I represent a Canadian Research company.
They have a line of natural health products.
What makes them stand out or different?

They have medical & scientific peer reviewed proof for their claims.
The products are covered by Medicare and Medicaid.
They are listed in the Physician's Desk Reference.
They are included in the Pharmacy "Red" Book.
There are Method-of-Use Patents? NOT formula type food patents.
You can a search at PubMed to reveal ongoing scientific studies of these
There are numerous completed clinical studies related to our products and
most of the major diseases and health concerns people have today.

We have medical qualified Patents for Cancer, H.I.V. and Immune system
boosting. These patents have been granted in multiple countries around the
Our studies are medical studies done at Universities, Research institutes
and Hospitals.
Can any other natural alternative health product company say that?
Our company could have distributed the product at about 7 times the present
cost through registered drug companies via Doctor prescription. The decision
was made the make it affordable to the general public. MLM was the logical

The door is now open to you.
We invite you to reply describing how you would market the world's best
health maintenance products. A line of products that has more scientific,
medical, peer review studies than all other natural / alternative products
in the world combined.

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