antibodies for IHC on mouse tissue

Roberto Diez roberto.diez at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 13 16:43:47 EST 2002

Hello Dominique,
If you have your protein, readily available, you could have the antibodies
custom-made for you.  In fact, I would recommend making chicken antibodies.
Chicken IgY have some major advantages, such as lowered cross-reactivity
with mammalian proteins and particularly complement.  I run a small company
in Montreal that would charge a reasonable price for this custom IgYs.  The
company is called HyperOmics Farma.  We don't even have a website ready yet,
but I can give you more info by e-mail.

Roberto Diez
CEO HyperOmics Farma Inc.
5930 Marceau, Pierrefonds (QC)
email: roberto.diez at sympatico.ca

"Dominique Lorang" <lorangd at pop.nci.nih.gov> wrote in message
news:3D8A0427.28CC746B at pop.nci.nih.gov...
> Hi to all-
> I am having difficulty locating antibodies for identifying the following
> proteins on mouse tissue by immunohistochemistry:
> gp130
> MMP2
> TSP2
> C1S
> C1R
> MCP3
> OncostatinM receptor
> PDGF alpha recptor.
> Please feel free to contact me if you have any relevant info.
> Much appreciated,
> Dominique  Lorang, Ph.D.
> National Cancer Iinstitute, CCR

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