Lachlan McDonald lmcdonald at engeneic.com
Wed Jan 16 17:53:30 EST 2002

Dear All,

I'd appreciate a bit of advice on differentiating U937 cells into
macrophages if anyone has some experience...

I'm currently growing U937s in RPMI and applying PMA at 10nM for 48 hours. I
do witness a change of phenotype of the cells, ie they adhere to the
plasticware. After I change to media to PMA-free RPMI the cells don't look
so happy the next day, ie a lot of the attached cells have become dull and
shrunken (= look dead to me). Maybe I should keep the PMA media on ?

Are monocyte/ macrophage differentiated U937s still able to divide ? Is PMA
the best way to differentiate these cells ? Can anyone recommend a good way
to freeze this cell line down (perhaps without DMSO which also may
differentiate the cells) ?

Any general help on this matter would be greatly appreciated !

Thanks in advance,

Lachlan McDonald


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