Fighting against chronic bacterial inferction - battle lost?

Sergei Gerasimov sergegrm at
Sat Jan 19 05:43:11 EST 2002

Dear readers of the and bionet.immunology,

Here, in Ukraine we are starting the research on the antagonistic
activity of alpha-hemolytic streptococci (AHS) towards common upper
respiratory tract pathogens in order to select stains of AHS capabale to
inhibit the latter, and introduct AHS for the treatment of throat
chronic bacterial infections not responsive to antibiotic treatment.

However, we have faced with the challenge of maintaining AHS (not
isolating) as long culture through on-going re- seeding on media - after
few passages cultures dying, and we have to isolate them over again from
throats. My colleague from Sweden sent me kindly his dissertation on the
same matter, where I have found that freezing below -80C may be an
option, but for the substantial cost involved in purchasing of the
relevant equipment it is not feasible to follow "freezing" approach

Does anybody know of or has an experiance in maintaining AHS culture in
medium without use of freezing of initially isolated cultures? Your
suggestions and references would be vital for proceeding of our

Thanks for your contribution,
Sergei V. Gerasimov, MD

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