Fighting against chronic bacterial inferction - battle lost?

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Wed Jan 23 09:06:05 EST 2002

"Sergei Gerasimov" <sergegrm at> wrote in message
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> Does anybody know of or has an experiance in maintaining AHS culture in
> medium without use of freezing of initially isolated cultures? Your
> suggestions and references would be vital for proceeding of our
> research.
There is a method of bacteria preservation that was commonly used here in
Delft at the start of the 20th century which might help. I must emphasize
that I don't know whether it was ever used with strep, but a few other
cultures preserved in this way (mostly gram negatives) have been revived by
us in the past few years and  were still reasonably active. You mix your
bacteria with sterilized milk and sterile sand and allow them to dry gently,
at room temperature, and then store in sterile bottles. If nothing better is
suggested, it might be worth a try.
Good luck!
Lesley Robertson

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