CTL, Helper cells and B-cells etc

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> Dear All,
> I have following general questions in Immunology and would appreciate
> your attention.

> 1)  Is the response of CD8+ CTL response dependent on CD4+ Helper cells?

Certainly the generation of CTL responses are dependent on helper-inducer
but whether every antigen response by CD8 cells is absolutely governed by
CD4 responses hmmm   i'm sure there are model systems that show that it
ain't i just can't think of one.

> 2) If so, within the CD4+ Helper cells, is there a subpopulation
> specifically interacting with CD8+ CTLs
> and another subpopulation interacting with B cells?

-in general TH1 cells help cytotoxic reponses and Th2 cells help Ab
responses but the lines aren't solid here either.

> Thank you very much for your time.
> Deva Patil
> Oxford, UK
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