Canine specific tetanus toxoid ELISA

Mark Haynes mark.haynes at
Wed Jul 17 11:57:31 EST 2002

why not start with an anti-human antibody for the standard curve?
or if possible use  a monoclonal.
I don't know if these reagents are available but I would certainly consider
all possible avenues for the primary antibody + control (in the early stages
at least) you may get a good canine producer and that pups serum may become
your + control.
<paxdgb at> wrote in message
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> Hi
> I am trying to develop an ELISA to detect anti-tetanus antibodies in
canine serum. I have located sources for tetanus toxoid for binding and
anti-canine IgG peroxidase. Does anybody know where I can get a reference
dilution of canine anti-tetanus in order to quantify my values?
> Alternatviely, does anybody know of a company that either produces a
canine ant-tetanus ELISA kit or maybe would test samples for me (eg. a
veterinary lab)?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Daniel Blount
> PhD Student

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