"incomplete antibody" production

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> I have a problem concerning "complete" versus "incomplete" antibody
> production from mouse (NS0) hybridomas. Firstly, my background is as a
> post-doc microbiologist, not immunologist, so apologies if the questions
> seem naive.

You need to give more information as to what you mean by incomplete. Do
they see light chain alone or heavy chain alone without association with

Myeloma and hybridoma cells often secrete excess light chain which forms
Bence-Jones dimers of light chain. Excess heavy chain is seldom seen in
secreted products.

Perhaps your clones are unstable and losing production of one chain?
Perhaps your antibody is unusually sensitive to proteolysis?
Perhaps the antibody is aggregating and precipitating?

More info is needed.

P.s. As a historical note, when a PhD student in the Milstein lab, I came
across the line which we then called NS0, when it arose during long term
culture of NSI. I wrote up some of my studies in my first referred paper

Clark,M.R., & Milstein,C. (1981), Som. Cell Genet. 7, 657-666  Expression
of spleen cell immunoglobulin phenotype in hybrids with myeloma cell lines.

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