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Sat Jun 1 23:57:23 EST 2002

Being 1:00 AM, I made some typo mistakes in my last newsgroup posting
entitled "Am I correct".  I don't know how to delete newsgroup postings.

So I am re-writing the posting here...

I am wondering if what I wrote is accurate and correct.  It is at
http://home.earthlink.net/~dvmarquez/immuno.htm .  I am new to the subject
of immunology, and authoring the web page helps me learn and share.  I do
run into contradictions that make the authoring a challenge. For instance,
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary defines suppresser T cells as though
they exist, while an immunology book says suppressor T cells may be
myth.  I therefore am guessing that they are merely interleukin-10-producing
Helper T cells that stopped "seeing" interleukin-12.

Are there currently any ultra-sensitive chemical processes that instantly
indicate that trace levels of antibodies have encountered antigen?  Ideally,
I'd like to make a strip that you can cough on and then it changes color if
you have a certain illness. A chemical avalanche would result upon specific
antigen detection.


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