Hela MHC type?

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iayork at panix.com (Ian A. York) wrote in message news:<adm38p$sfb$1 at reader1.panix.com>...
> Does anyone know the MHC class I alleles expressed by HeLa cells?  I've 
> found two HLA-A alleles associated with HeLa in Genbank, but I haven't 
> found any of the HLA-B alleles.  Someone must have looked, somewhere, wome 
> time.
> Thanks.
> Ian

Hi, Ian!

We seem to encounter each other rather often in this newsgroup. 
Perhaps one day we'll meet in person.  Where are you working these
days?  Still with Kenneth Rock?

I am also working with HeLa and would like to know its class I
genotype.  A former lab member told me that HeLa has been serotyped,
by someone, on two separate occasions.  As you might expect from
serotyping, the results of the two tests did not quite agree.  Test #1
indicated the presence of the serotypes A3, A28, and B35.  Test #2
gave A68, B15, and B35.

I just searched GenBank using the key words "HeLa" and "HLA."  I came
up with the following IMAGE Consortium cDNA sequences from a
Stratagene HeLa S3 cDNA library:

Accession #AA191477 and #AA191113: Both resemble Cw*1202.  Clones may
be full-length, but it does not appear that they were sequenced fully.

Accession #AA190717: Resembles Cw*1401.  Again, it's short.

Accession #AA488534: Again incomplete, but resembles A*3402.

Accession #AA488401: Once more incomplete, but longer than the others.
 Best match is A*2601.

Some time next week, I will be visiting an Immunogenetics lab down at
the Medical School here at Johns Hopkins.  They have copies of the
International Histocompatibility Workshop books.  If someone has typed
HeLa cells, maybe the information is there.  Alternately -- is there
someone reading this who has ready access to an IHW book?  If you
would share anything that the IHW might say about HeLa, that would be
most helpful!

John J. Ladasky Jr., Ph.D.
Department of Biology
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore MD 21218

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