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The Polyarteritis Nodosa Research and Support Web Site

You are invited to view the Polyarteritis Nodosa (PAN) Research and
Support Web Site.
What is PAN?
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Polyarteritis nodosa is a potentially life-threatening form of
vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels) that damages the
muscular walls of the body's small and medium-sized arteries. This
damage interferes with normal blood supply to nearby tissues, causing
tissue injury and destruction in many different parts of the body. In
classic polyarteritis nodosa, tissue destruction is prominent in the
kidneys, peripheral nerves and abdominal organs, although there also
can be significant symptoms involving the skin, joints, muscles,
brain, heart, eyes and reproductive organs.

When my Mom died from PAN in 1998 I decided to create a site so others
would have a central resource to learn more about this rare autoimmune
disease and get in touch with others who have the illness.

On this site you will find:

Meds used to treat it
Side effects 
Pictures of skin affected by PAN
Personal stories from PAN patients living with the illness

Our web site was featured at the 10th International Vasculitis and
ANCA Conference in Cleveland, Ohio in April.  More than 75 doctors
visited our exhibit and many of them agreed this web site and mailing
is one of the largest in the world.

I would invite anyone who is studying autoimmune diseases in general,
or PAN specifically to visit the site and join our mailing list.  It's
non-profit and not connected with any hospital, pharmacutical company,
nor does it endorse any specific treatment.

It's really just a grassroots effort that we hope educates both
patients and doctors/researchers about this autoimmune disease.

Thank you
PAN Research and Support WEb Site Owner

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