Storing antibodies

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Tue Jun 11 23:53:35 EST 2002

Perhaps I'm naive (or young), but in storing antibodies, but I've never used
anything special.  For purified Abs (small volumes) I use eppie tubes (1.5mL
centrifuge tubes) and for TC supernatant those 15mL Falcon tubes.  I don't
know how low binding they are, but I've never had a problem.


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> A question to the newsgroup:
> I've been away from the immunology lab for several years but now
> expect the arrival of several sources of monoclonals: purified, in TC
> supernatant and ascites. Years ago I used to siliconize glass vials
> for Ab storage, but I would like to find an alternative. In these days
> of polycarbon microcentrifuge tubes/vials galore, there must be an
> alternative for low-binding Ab storage vessels.
> Any suggestions?
> Regards,
> Elzi
> Dept of Veterinary Medicine
> Elzi
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