Hela MHC type?

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David Johnson  <david.johnson at yale.edu> wrote:
>We typed (our) HeLa as HLA-A*6802, -B*1503 or -B*1537, and -Cw*1604 

>HLA-A3, -A28, -Bw15, and Bw35 [Espmark et al Tissue Antigens 11:279-86 
>(1978)] and genetically typed as HLA-A68 (a subtype of A28), -B75 (a 
>subtype of B15) and NEGATIVE for B35 [Benham, Gromme and Neefjes, 

>Obviously, these findings disagree.  You might consider HLA class I 

Thanks!  I think I will try the typing, though at this point my main 
question is whether Hela are homozygous at HLA-B, because I want to be 
able to say that there are 6 HLA molecules in them.  It will become more 
important later on.

I'm pretty sure our Hela are not HLA-A3, because they stain negative with 
GAP-A3 while transfected HLA-A0302 stains positive in them.

I wonder if the disagreement in typing is because of different methods, 
problems with the methods, or because various people have different cells 
they call "HeLa" because of cross-contaimination.

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