Contraception and HIV Infection

oswaldo oswaldo at
Fri Mar 1 08:58:29 EST 2002

James Michael Howard wrote:
> February 27, at the 9th Annual Retrovirus Conference in Seattle, researchers
> reported that "In a study of 115 female commercial sex workers with HIV, those
> who were on hormonal contraceptives - primarily birth control pills or
> injectable progesterone - at the time of infection had a five- to seven-fold
> higher risk of becoming infected with multiple strains of the virus than those
> not on hormones."  One author of the study suggested this may be due to "birth
> control pills [causing] thinning of the vaginal lining," while another author
> says it may be "the hormones may change the cell population in the genital
> tract, possibly increasing the number of cells that are targets for HIV."

	I suggest one more interesting hypothesis to test:

 - Sex workers who use birth control pills are more likely to have
intercourse without condom, both in their work and in their private
life, and thus are more prone to get infected and re-infected with
multiple strains of HIV.


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