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Mon May 27 09:05:23 EST 2002

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MAY 27, 2002


Dear Doctor:

I am excited to offer you at no charge, a full operating copy of eSoft
Software, the best Electronic Medical Billing Software in the industry.

eSoft is the fastest operating software in the industry, and the only
software that looks and works like the Internet. eSoft software is really
easy to learn and use.  The government penalizes paper claims by delaying
their processing for 21 days.  Take advantage of this offer by calling and
asking for the software.  I will ship FREE DEMO software to you immediately,
FREE of cost.

Nothing is free, so where is the catch?  The value of this offer can be
significant. However, I am offering you free software as long as you use my
certified billing company, as an out-source service.  With the interactivity
of this software a physical office location becomes a mouse click away.
With the easy uses of the software, this allows me to offer a 24 to 48 hour
claim processing time guarantee.  I may have interest in either part or full
time employment, and would appreciate an opportunity to discuss this with

I have been tested and certified on eSoft billing software.  As you are
probably aware, the medical industry is shifting over to electronic medical
billing for several reasons:

    - You receive payments in days, not weeks.

 - Have your Claims process within 24 to 48 hours

            - Your Claims will not be penalize for 21 days.

 - Drastically reduce workload on your office staff.

 - Less than 1% error rate.

             -The risk of Lost Paper documents is eliminated

If you have multiple offices I can process them either separately or
together, you make the decision.

This is a timely opportunity for you and your practice to take advantage of
this market introduction.  Call today at (877) 207-6716 or fax at (416)


Ricardo Rowe

Physician Promotions

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