High throughput T cell isolation/proliferation?

Geronimo user at server.com
Thu Nov 14 19:37:48 EST 2002

Try T-cell purification columns (e.g., CD4+). R&D Systems columns are pretty
good. Takes around 30 mins to prepare the cells (RBC lysis, centrifugation,
etc.) and another 30 mins to obtain the final pellet. Yield is ~30% and
purity is ~90%. But I still think you will need some help with 125 mice.. :)

"Stacy Ferguson" <stacyf at stacyf.net> wrote in message
news:ar12m00t5h at drn.newsguy.com...
> I'll be starting an experiment that requires to me immunize 125 mice
> and do T cell proliferation and cytokine assays on splenic T cells
> from all of them. I can't pool the groups.  I've done all of the above
> in the past, but never with so many samples. I expect the nightmare
> in this experiment will be purification of T cells put into the assays.
> anyone have suggestions for the most efficient method for isolating
> T cells from 125 populations?

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