Cell viability or death assay

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Sun Nov 17 23:16:54 EST 2002

If what you want to measure is bacteria-induced apoptosis then why not take
macrophage samples (wells), detach them, and do an IP/Annexin V staining
followed by FACS-analysis? Wells w/o bacteria will be negative controls. You
don't need to count the cells, % IP-/AnxV+ in the sample will be the % of
dieing cells in the well every day.

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> Hi,
> I have a problem that I hope you can help me with. I am doing in vitro
> infections of primary macrophages with various live intracellular
bacteria, and
> I have great problems in finding a method to evaluate bacteria-induced
> death of the macrophages / cell viability. To summarise:
> - detachment of the adherent macrophages is not an option, which precludes
> normal counting. Also, the cell growth and death is very uneven in the
> and make microscopy methods difficult (biased selection of fields) - and
> - the presence of bacteria precludes methods like MTT, WST-1 etc. due to
> bacterial metabolism of these substrates. Similarly, crystal violet and
> red will also stain bacteria.
> - LDH-type assays can be used in some experiments (short-term), but as I
> read that the stability of LDH in tissue cultures is about 9 hours, it
will be
> difficult to monitor cell viability or cell death during a 10-day
> period?? Or can I??
> I'll be very happy if anyone could help me out here,
> Sincere thanks,
> Trude
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