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Ian A. York iayork at
Tue Oct 8 20:09:26 EST 2002

In article <3DA31A21.26B89747 at>,
Sergei V. Gerasimov, MD <sergegrm at> wrote:
>May someone to help us. We can not load one site from the net, possibly
>for the problems with our local server or problems with the site itself.
>The address is If you happen
>you are so kind to send us (to my home email) that site, and that site
>is actually can be loaded at all, please save it in complete HTML format
>to allow opening picture. We would greatly appreciate your assistance.

I suspect you're following an outdated or inaccurate link.  Try 
<>.  Searching the 
Stanford lookup directory yields an error message explaining that Linda 
Shortliffe has an account that would yield a web page with the address you 
gave, but that she does not in fact have the home page set up.

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