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Nobody has mentioned that people absorbe vitamins and minerals
diffrent. And thats why some people benefits from eating vitamins and
minerals, and some do not. In fact most people doesent absorbe enough
to have a benefit of it , and due to this its a great waste of money.
However the paradox is that vegetables and fruit doesent contain as
much vitamines and minerals as they did centuries ago unless they are
biodynamically growed. So the outlook is rather bad. No absorbtion and
not enough vitamines and minerals in the food. And another thing is
that just adding one vitamine and discard all the others result in
that the coponents needed to absorbe that vitamine is not there. IE
taking C-vitamine if you got a cold doesnt help at all because the
components connected to the C-vitamine is not there.The drug
scientists only explore things in deep and not relasions in wide, so
they all the time is trying to isolate special components that has an
impact on the treatment of spesific deseases.To heal cancer or viruses
the whole body must be treated. There is not a single drug that heal
cancer and it will never be found. There is to many componenets
involved in cancer over a very long time, so to heal it you must
dramatically change the way you are living and what you eat, where you
live and what job you have.And there is a bunch of other factors also
involved.Saying eating E-vitamine type d or dl will give you a long
life and prevent aging is fake. There is no isolated vitamine,
mineral,herbal or drug that do such things, and will never be
found.Seafood growed naturally whitout any drugs is the only remaining
natural source of multicomponent vitamines and minerals that excist on
the earth, until the sea itself is so polluted that this source cannot
be used.
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> > Can anyone help me with some vitamin E info?  There is so much
> > information out there I'm a bit overwhelmed and don't even know where
> > to start.  Looking for brief benefits of vitamin E and maybe product
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> > Thanks amigos!

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