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Thanks for all of your input on vitamin e, I always put more weight in
actual people's opinions rather than reading books or advertisements. 
Based on the information that I received in this and several other
groups, here's what I've come to understand about vitamin e:

While not a cure all, vitamin e seems to provide some great health
benefits and should definitely be a part of everyone's health regimen.

Natural is better – although it often costs more, natural supplements
are absorbed by the body better.

Must be complete – Apparently there are a number of kinds of natural
vitamin e (8 actually) and you want to make sure and get them all.

Take the recommended dosage – we do not get enough vitamin e in our
everyday diets, so we need to make sure that we're getting enough from

Based on this info I searched on the Internet (I don't get out much)
and found a few companies who seemed to have products that supported
my findings.  I'm ordering from one (it doesn't matter which), but you
all may want to take a look as well.

Thanks again for all of you help!!!

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> Nobody has mentioned that people absorbe vitamins and minerals
> diffrent. And thats why some people benefits from eating vitamins and
> minerals, and some do not. In fact most people doesent absorbe enough
> to have a benefit of it , and due to this its a great waste of money.
> However the paradox is that vegetables and fruit doesent contain as
> much vitamines and minerals as they did centuries ago unless they are
> biodynamically growed. So the outlook is rather bad. No absorbtion and
> not enough vitamines and minerals in the food. And another thing is
> that just adding one vitamine and discard all the others result in
> that the coponents needed to absorbe that vitamine is not there. IE
> taking C-vitamine if you got a cold doesnt help at all because the
> components connected to the C-vitamine is not there.The drug
> scientists only explore things in deep and not relasions in wide, so
> they all the time is trying to isolate special components that has an
> impact on the treatment of spesific deseases.To heal cancer or viruses
> the whole body must be treated. There is not a single drug that heal
> cancer and it will never be found. There is to many componenets
> involved in cancer over a very long time, so to heal it you must
> dramatically change the way you are living and what you eat, where you
> live and what job you have.And there is a bunch of other factors also
> involved.Saying eating E-vitamine type d or dl will give you a long
> life and prevent aging is fake. There is no isolated vitamine,
> mineral,herbal or drug that do such things, and will never be
> found.Seafood growed naturally whitout any drugs is the only remaining
> natural source of multicomponent vitamines and minerals that excist on
> the earth, until the sea itself is so polluted that this source cannot
> be used.
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> > Vitamin E info:
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> > Product suggestion:
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> > vitamineater wrote:
> > > Hola!
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> > > Can anyone help me with some vitamin E info?  There is so much
> > > information out there I'm a bit overwhelmed and don't even know where
> > > to start.  Looking for brief benefits of vitamin E and maybe product
> > > suggestions.
> > > 
> > > Thanks amigos!

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