Vitamin E query

Dayna buildtime1 at
Sun Oct 27 13:46:21 EST 2002

vitamineater at (vitamineater) wrote in message news:<face0626.0210020853.35678ad4 at>...
> Hola!
> Can anyone help me with some vitamin E info?  There is so much
> information out there I'm a bit overwhelmed and don't even know where
> to start.  Looking for brief benefits of vitamin E and maybe product
> suggestions.
> Thanks amigos

Hi! I am new to the group.  My name is Dayna.  Vitamin E is a good
antioxidant- not the best, but it is good for your skin and your body.
 If you are strictly looking for vitamin E only, just take vitamin E
capsules....But are you looking for a supplement that is good for
women specifically?  Because, that is a totally different answer...


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