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Hi Andrew,
Tris is the same as trisma:  is NH2C(CH2OH)3.
If you do tris-hcl page gel, then, no matter you use tris and then add liquid HCL to reach the good pH or use directly tris-HCL : the result will be the same.
Some people use tris-acetate gels or bis-tris gels which are different from tris-hcl gels but I don't know about them...
You may ask people from Biorad or forum for electrophorese/protein, they may know more about that.

Andrew Hall wrote:

> Hi all,

> Can anyone define Tris for me? I have spent all day researching this
> attempting to piece together some sort of unifying concept of Tris to no
> avail. In our (older) copy of Maniatis there is a section that advises the
> use of Tris base, and not Trisma or Tris-HCl to make up all buffers for PAGE
> since additional salts will affect the separation of proteins on the gel.
> Now to make things more complicated it then refers to Tris-Cl as one of the
> components of such a buffer. I know that Sigma produce Trisma but is this
> Tris or a derivative of? Therefore can anyone define each of these
> solutions/compounds for me:

> Tris (a formula for this would be useful)
> Tris-HCl
> Tris-Cl
> Trisma

> Thanks,

> Andrew Hall
> andrew.hall at

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