getting worse? - Adult Henoch Schönlein Purpura

Constantin constantin.grenoble at
Thu Oct 31 09:24:15 EST 2002


I am a mid 20 male and I was diagnosed Henoch Schönlein Purpura in the
end of 2001. I was treated with cortison (initially with 60mg pred and
now I take nothing) and immuran (still 100mg). I only showed the
typical symptoms for the first 8-10 days (rash, abdominal pain) and
since then I had no relapse nor any symptoms.
Currently, the protein level in my urin has decreased from 3800mg to
600-1000mg. When I took Cortison, the blood in the urin was low or
neg. Unfortunately, when I do urine dipstick tests now, the blood
level is very high and has been on this level for 3 months now.

My questions:

- Is the increased blood level in my urin a sign that my kidneys are
still inflammed or become more inflammed? May I be exposed to the
initial virus again, or is this because I dont take cortison
anylonger? What do you think?

- When could one say that this desease is in remission? Is the
definition that no blood and protein is in my urin?

- There are different definition for the prognosis, one of them is
that if protein loss is very high >2-3gr and high blood pressure means
a bad prognosis for example. It is also said that if hermaturia and
proteinuria has significantly decreased after 2 years, the prognosis
is very good. Is this right?

- What about diets, such as Omega3 fat and eating less protein? Will
they be beneficial for a recovery? Is there anything that I can do?

- I have to do some major life decisions (moving country etc.) that
comes together with quite some stress, and would like to know how
likely it is that this desease will cause some serious trouble to me.
How conservative should I be in my decision making?

It seems that there are not many doctors with a lot of experience with
HSP... and that is why I think that more information is needed. Is
there any institute that is specially competent in HSP?

I would be very grateful if someone could respond to me - thank you!

Regards, Constantin Grenoble

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