Western blotting

Wolfgang Schechinger hubahopp at gmx.de
Tue Feb 18 09:13:16 EST 2003


with wrong settings, you may kill your blotting apparatus. What actually
does the job in western blotting is the electrical field. Unfortunately the
buffers conduct, so you will have a current.

If you set current constant, the voltage will incease by time since the
resistance of your blot assembly increases because of the increase in
temperature. (Basically, you might regard electroblot apparatus as heaters,
too) This could cause your apparatus to blow when power dissipation becomes
too high. The blot quality depends on even heat distribution in your setup.

If you set the voltage constant, your current will decrease by time but
that should not matter (actually, your system will reach some thermal
equilibrium with subsequently having a constant current).

To be on the safe side, you might limit both current and voltage in order
not to exceed power limits.


At 02:00 PM 2003/2/11 +0100, Jon Fredrik Stuestøl wrote:
>I just wonder: What is the most correct, constant voltage or constant
>current? And why does it matter? And is one thing better sometimes, and
>another at other times?
>Thank you!
>Jon Fredrik Stuestøl


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