psychoneuroimmunology - s-Iga

JeffK jeff.kessler at
Mon Feb 24 18:20:33 EST 2003

Hi. I'm a final year undergraduate. My final year research project is in the
field of Psychoneuroimmunology - specifically "does massage affect s-IgA
levels". I'm having difficulty finding some background info on s-IgA, so I'm
posting the questions below.

1.. Is there a relationship between secretory IgA (s-IgA) in saliva & plasma
IgA i.e. do their levels fluctuate independently?

2.. Is there any diurnal rhythm to fluctuations in s-IgA levels?

3.. Are there any other day-to-day influences on s-IgA levels?

4.. Does stress alter s-IgA levels by inhibiting the rate of secretion of
the IgA into the saliva i.e. decrease in s-IgA concentration, or by
inhibition of the rate of salivation i.e. no decrease in s-IgA
concentration, but a decrease in the total amount of sIgA in the mouth?

5.. What are normal s-IgA levels for a healthy adult male, & what would be
considered a clinically significant change in s-IgA levels?

If possible, references for any answers would be great, but even
unreferenced answers would be helpful.

TIA, Jeff K

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