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You should be searching databases like Pubmed.  I entered "secretory IgA" in
a Pubmed search that returned over 4000 references.  These papers may be
more technical than you require but the references listed in each paper will
help you to dig out the information you need.  One paper that might help to
get you started is: "Effects of 12 months of exercise training on salivary
secretory IgA levels in elderly subjects.", Br J Sports Med. 2003

Good Luck!

Br J Sports Med. 2003 Feb;37(1):76-9.
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> Hi. I'm a final year undergraduate. My final year research project is in
> field of Psychoneuroimmunology - specifically "does massage affect s-IgA
> levels". I'm having difficulty finding some background info on s-IgA, so
> posting the questions below.
> 1.. Is there a relationship between secretory IgA (s-IgA) in saliva &
> IgA i.e. do their levels fluctuate independently?
> 2.. Is there any diurnal rhythm to fluctuations in s-IgA levels?
> 3.. Are there any other day-to-day influences on s-IgA levels?
> 4.. Does stress alter s-IgA levels by inhibiting the rate of secretion of
> the IgA into the saliva i.e. decrease in s-IgA concentration, or by
> inhibition of the rate of salivation i.e. no decrease in s-IgA
> concentration, but a decrease in the total amount of sIgA in the mouth?
> 5.. What are normal s-IgA levels for a healthy adult male, & what would be
> considered a clinically significant change in s-IgA levels?
> If possible, references for any answers would be great, but even
> unreferenced answers would be helpful.
> TIA, Jeff K

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