Will Transfer Factors Replace Vaccines?

Dan Marquez dmarquez3 at socal.rr.com
Wed Jan 1 15:46:47 EST 2003

Hi Daniele,

I think a great reference is the www.uspto.gov. Look for patent number
6,468,534 by Hennen et al. (Issued October 22, 2002.)  It discloses that...

- transfer factors are protein molecules that are about 44 amino acids long
- transfer factors have at several functional regions...
    - a first region (8 to 12 amino acids) to bind to antigen
    - a second region (about 10 amino acids) to bind to T-cell receptors
    - an immune supressor fraction and inducer fraction
    - other active regions being studied
- transfer factors elicit a secondary immune response

Are the transfer factors the immuno-stimulating cytokines that you speak of?

I found a web site that offers links to a ton of independent references on
transfer factors.  (I haven't gone through the links just yet... so


Now lets say 8 amino acids make the antigen-binding region.  If there are 20
human amino acids (I know there are 80 of them in nature), then there can
only be 20^8 = 25,600,000,000 possible sequences. Then who knows how many
shapes a single sequence can have!  I would think that would be enough for a
lot of antigens.

There is a downloadable movie briefly discusses TF, but the movie is really
an advertisement of a multi-level marketing plan so I have not disclosed the
link until I know more about TF. Email me if you'd like to see the
advertisement anyway.

In the mean time... Happy New Year!


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