Will Transfer Factors Replace Vaccines?

Daniele Focosi mi at interhealth.info
Thu Jan 2 06:03:20 EST 2003

"Dan Marquez" <dmarquez3 at socal.rr.com> wrote in message news:<XsIQ9.54564$B31.12977794 at twister.socal.rr.com>...

> I think a great reference is the www.uspto.gov. Look for patent number
> 6,468,534 by Hennen et al. (Issued October 22, 2002.)  

Wonderful reference, Dan ! I have just printed it : be sure I'll let
you know what I think of as soon as I'll have read it.
> Are the transfer factors the immuno-stimulating cytokines that you speak of?

Once again, it seems to me that "transfer factor" is a commercial name
for a mix of subunit vaccines which have bovine cytokines as
In the mean time, if you want to get an idea of what HUMAN colostrum
actually contains, get a look a this URL :
> http://www.supercolostrum.com/Colostrum/Research/index.htm

I had already visited it : that's just a collection of PubMed
abstracts, but most links don't work.



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