Endotoxin Removal

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Mon Jul 21 20:07:05 EST 2003

Dear Langzhou,

Endotoxin contamination and removal is pretty standard problem in
commercial production of proteins.

The best way to control is to minimize the addition of endotoxin from
the early stages of purification like using Water for Injection ( WFI,
which is suppose to be very low in endotoxins), clean and endotoxin
free galssware and plasticware.

Now if you are using E.coli that is a different problem as your
starting load of endotoxin is very high. Still using good water and
glassware will not add more stuff esp. in the later stages of

Anion exchange step is known to be a endotoxin removing step. So if
you have one in your purification train then it should be taking care
of lots of endotoxin but you may have to fine tune it for the purpose
to remove endotoxin.

Some filtration companies ( Millipore, Pall and Sartorius) now have
charges filter capsules which also act like ion exchanger, these can
be useful to remove endotoxin in the late stages of purification.

If you need more info do write to me on infoXXX at indusbio.co.in  (
remove the XXX pl).

Best of Luck

Ahmedabad, India

langzhou.song at vaxinnate.com (Langzhou Song) wrote in message news:<36676c0a.0307091413.2799794f at posting.google.com>...
> Hi,
> We have problems with endotoxin contamination from protein purified
> from E.coli. Any suggestions on how to control endotoxin level at
> early stage and how to reduce and eventually eliminate endotoxin from
> the protein prep? What are the most commonly used procedures? What
> tricks can be used to finally eliminate endotoxin? Thanks!
> Langzhou

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