possible auto-immune response to nasally administered neurohormone agonist?

P. Sage polysage at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 19 14:48:40 EST 2003

> In practice, you just
> have to test your peptide.

I don't have any evidence that the pharmaceutical company doing the
study has tested for the creation of antibodies to the peptide they're
studying. I think they haven't, since they won't respond to the
> I am not sure I understand the other question:
> > If so, I wonder if there is a potential auto-immune reaction, in which
> > the body would attack its own neurohormone?
> Do you think the neurohormione-agonist complex cound be immunogenic and
> attacked as such by the immune system?

What I'm concerned about is that if this agonist is similar enough in
structure to the real neurohormone, the immune system could be
confused and start attacking that neurohormone, creating a sort of
auto-immune disease.

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