is fish immunology system a good model for human immunology system?

emilie_papaulos at emilie_papaulos at
Tue May 13 16:16:51 EST 2003

Dear newsgroup members,

I am an undergraduate student who is interested in imunology area. That's why I am taking a course about general immunology this semester. Next semester I have to go for a 3 month-internship. Since immunology now becoming my favorite subject, I would like to do my intership also in immunology. I have searched for projects and I found an interesting subject about fish immunology. Eventhough I like all kind of immunology, I am more interested to do something about human. My problem is so far I havent found any subjects concerning human immunology which can be done only in short period and the fish project seems can be done within that time.

I am in a doubt whether can go for the fish project or not. Is fish immune system similar to human in the term of protein involved in the pathway and other accessory molecules? If I am going to do my future thesis in human immunology, can the knowledge I get from fish system be applied for human system as well? Or should I concentrate directly in human immunology system? Please give me suggestions and advises. Thanks.

Emilie Papaulos.

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