Signaling Pathway Maps available in PDF and PPT formats

Laurent Cocea user at server.com
Thu Nov 27 13:50:47 EST 2003

Standard biological signaling pathways are now available in DSML, PDF, and
PPT formats at http://www.hippron.com/hippron/dsm/dsmbb2 in the SPS forum
(forum registration is free). For more information on how to update these
pathways, or easily create you own custom signal transduction diagrams,
visit the Dynamic Signaling Maps page at
http://www.hippron.com/hippron/index.html. For feedback purposes, access to
the Internet edition of this Web-based software is provide free of charge.

The MIC-BAN module is a molecular interaction cluster tool allowing you to
search the BIND database, and generate and display interactive 2D and 3D
diagrams of biological association networks.

The GeneNets module is a tool for extracting gene interaction networks from
time-series expression profiles (microarray experiments). Expression data
can be dynamically overlaid onto the generated gene network.

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