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Fri Jul 23 03:24:27 EST 2004

Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) is recommended in some conditions
(e.g. ) : proteins and polysaccharides are the polymers of amino acids
(e.g. leucine, ...) and monosaccharides (e.g. glucose, ...). The
latters are usually preferred to the formers because of more easily
absorption (in blood you can't find many of the gastrointestinal
enzymes required for digestion of oral meals containing proteins and
polysaccharides). There are limit concentrations of glucose, amino
acids and other elements to prevent side effects (e.g. phlebitis,
metabolic disorders, ...).
Hope this helps. See
http://focosi.altervista.org/chemotherapynonxeno.html#total parenteral
nutrition (TPN)for further details.
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