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> hi there, 
> can anybody tell me what the difference is between various mitogens such as pha/conA and pma/ionomycin? is maybe pma/ionomycin stimulating the cytokine expression rather than proliferating ...
> thanks a lot 
> lg
> niki

Hello Niki,
           PHA and ConA are "lectins" that bind cell surface receptors
usually by
virtue of their affinity for sugar components of the receptors such as
When bound to certain small lymphocytes, lectin initiate cell
enlargement and proliferation. However, at high concentations lectins
can bring about a complement-dependent cell death. At "regular"
concentrations the reaction with surface receptors triggers an
intracellular signalling cascade that brings about cell enlargement
("transformation" into lymphoblasts) and proliferation. The other
agents seem to by-pass surface receptors and directly activate cells
by interacting with components of the signalling cascade.

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