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> Hi!
> I was wondering about the serum immunglobulin levels in mice. How much  
> (µg/ml)immunglobulin are there? How do that distribute on the
> different Ig   classes and IgG subclasses? How high would an specific
> response go (e.g. how many % of total IgG   specific to a virus)? I
> have trouble finding this on the net and so far I haven't come acoss
> any   good textbooks either.
> I hope somebody might have some answers or links to good internet sites
> :)
> Arnt

Interesting questions. I don't intend to give you answers because I
think it pays to think about these issues more deeply than simply being
given all the facts and figures straight off.

Take a look at papers by Sally Ward on FcRn, she looked at mouse IgG
subclass concentrations in different strains of mice and  determined the
dependency on FcRn

Try the new Google search engine


Also think of the following facts and do some guestimating for yourself

Avagadro's number (approx 6x10^23)
Mr of IgG (approx 150,000)
Plasma Ig concentration (between 1 and 10 mg/ml)
Affinities of IgG antibodies (Kd often in the range of micromolar to

Ask yourself how many different specificities could achieve a
concentration of antibody sufficient to give 50% saturation for the
above ranges of values?

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