Demand and Supply

Sue Morris sue.morris at
Mon May 9 04:47:41 EST 2005

To adequately keep a market satisfied the supply of appropriate products needs to be maintained.

In the world of Recruitment-to-Recruitment this means creating a flow of candidates to meet the rising demands of clients.

Therefore, a delicate balance has to be struck between providing a first class client service and ensuring candidates receive the professional courtesy they deserve whilst ensuring the utmost discretion. At times however, this balance is disturbed. For example, candidates are indiscreetly poached, which leads to client resentment. Poor levels of service when clients do have requirements also leads to further disquiet and often reluctance to agree appropriate fee levels for the service provision on offer. So, as in life the majority often suffer for the actions of a few.

How is the balance restored?

The ethos of my business is based upon 4 principles ;- Service, Honesty, Availability and Discretion.

I am looking to work with clients and candidates who share those beliefs in the Recruitment marketplace.

To help you, as a client or candidate, I will first seek to understand your needs, and then, through the benefit of 11 years experience provide appropriate solutions and service, leading to long term relationships.

I look forward to working with you

Steve McKiernan

Right Move Recruitment Ltd
tel. 0870 242 0462
mailto:steve.mckiernan at

p.s My business grows by referral so please feel free to share my details with others

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