[Immunology] Re: PhD Candidate Trying to make an Immunoconjugate

Rafa R.J.Arguello at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 23:41:39 EST 2006

hi, intuitively comes to my mind this two forms, i think the second is
more factible..........1)
 to make an inmunoprecipitate with the reactive serum and your
proteín, and then a column with Prot A so that Your IgG stay non
covalent attached to the column, and your antigen too (in restricted
conditions), then cleave or add inc CN of Na+. I think that the last
thing to do is to crosslink whit formaldehyde....or........ so that you
can make tha covalent interaction.
Another form is to have your ag attached to a particule, so that you
can wash with hi restricted conditions, so that no inspecific Ab is
bound to your ag. then cleave the covalent link betwen de particule
(beads?) and de Ag, wash, keep the supernatant, and crosslink.
Well, i don´t Know, if it will help, but I hope so. It is an opinion
from a really unexperienced student that works in Chagas disease
inmunology, . nothing else .........good luck. sorry for my english.

DarkProtoman wrote:
> Hey all, I'm a immunology PhD candidate, and I'm testing a cancer
> therapy in mice for my dissertation. How would I make a
> immunoconjugate's payload be part of the antibody itself, instead of
> being merely "glued" on? The reason is b/c I'm using sodium
> fluoroacetate as the payload, and I don't want it to fall off the
> antibody, wreaking all sorts of catastrophic effects. Poor mousey... I
> think I have to use genetic engineering, but after that, I'm lost. Any
> help here? Thanks!!!!! If you tell me how, I'll list you in the credits
> section!

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