[Immunology] Cancer Immu vs Angio vs PD1

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   Cancer cells  travel all over the  body when the primary  tumor is active,
but do not  attach.  But once the primary tumor is  removed, the remote cells
ape inflamation and use it to  enter another organ.  The angiogenesis view is
that the remote  cells to not have  the ability to get blood  until after the
primary tumor  is removed.   Now, is it  possible the primary  tumor actually
causes an  immune response which is  effective against the  remote cells, but
for which  the primary  tumor actually  has a defense  (PD-1?)  and  when the
primary  tumor is removed,  the remote  cells feel  free to  metastase.  What
really bugs me is that the cancer vaccine people have one explanation and the
angiogenesis  people have another  one, but  the phenomenon  seems identical.
I'm  just  drawing  parallels  with  how nitric oxide surprised  everyone  in
cardiology and how  the immune and cholesterol responces  are closely linked.
I apologise for my ignorance, this is  not my field, but so many people close
to me have died of cancer in recent years.

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