[Immunology] would you please do me a favor about my research

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Tue Dec 12 09:51:48 EST 2006

Dear Stacy:

I have a guestion about protein concentrator. Would you please do me a favor?

I concentrate protein in  dilute solution by putting it in a dialysis  
bag(Cellu.Sep.H1 MWCO 5000),sprinkle AQUACIDE III over the bag, and  
leave it overnight at 4 degrees.  Next morning, I received the clear  
solution and precipitate and both of them were no signals on SDS-PAGE.  
Both of them had UV absorption spectra at wavelenth 280nm. I also  
dissolved Aquacide III which is outside the bag in water and it had UV  
absorption spectra at wavelenth 280nm. Could Aquacide III outside the  
bag pass through the membrane? If it could pass through the membrane,  
what's wrong with my procedures? And how to improve it?

Thanks for your helps
National Taiwan University,
Chemistry Department
Shang-Jen Wu

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