[Immunology] Re: would you please do me a favor about my research

Eric via immuno%40net.bio.net (by say.no At spam.now)
Thu Dec 14 05:44:37 EST 2006

r94223035 At ntu.edu.tw wrote:
> I have a guestion about protein concentrator. Would you please do me a
> favor?
> I concentrate protein in  dilute solution by putting it in a dialysis
> bag(Cellu.Sep.H1 MWCO 5000),sprinkle AQUACIDE III over the bag, and
> leave it overnight at 4 degrees.  Next morning, I received the clear
> solution and precipitate and both of them were no signals on SDS-PAGE.
> Both of them had UV absorption spectra at wavelenth 280nm. I also
> dissolved Aquacide III which is outside the bag in water and it had UV
> absorption spectra at wavelenth 280nm. Could Aquacide III outside the
> bag pass through the membrane? If it could pass through the membrane,
> what's wrong with my procedures? And how to improve it?

I've never used the method you describe but I have had good results using
Centricon type protein concentrators such as the ones listed here...

They're available for different sample sizes and with different molecular
weight cut-offs.


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