[Immunology] Log-Rank test

Irene Hadjiyanni via immuno%40net.bio.net (by irene.i.h At gmail.com)
Wed Dec 20 01:53:23 EST 2006

My question is not completely related to immunology protocols, however
it does have something to do with the way we analyze data.
I have data from studies were I monitor NOD mice for diabetes
development, when given 2 different treatments. I have plotted the
data using Prism and the Survival Curve function, and proceeded to do
a Log-Rank Analysis.
My questions/Concers are as follows:
(1) what does the long-rank mean? does it only refer to the AGE that
mice became diabetic?
(2) what test should i use to check whether the incidence of diabetes
at the end of the experiment was significantly different? i.e. i dont
care if my mice starting getting diabetic at an early age, all i want
to know is at the end of the treatment, i had these many mice that
were diabetic(and so many that were not diabetic) for treatment 1 vs.
treatment 2. what test do i use to tell me this?

Thanks a lot,
irene.i.h At gmail.com

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