[Immunology] murine splenocytes

Resul Karakus resul_karakus at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 8 15:31:03 EST 2006

Hi all,

I searched unsatisfactorily through some search
engines and textbooks for a graphical illustration
about the murine splenocyte distribution. 

Can anyone provide me a flow cytometry output, showing
the distribution of murine splenocytes without any
antibodies mixed? I mean, just what can be seen on a
FS and a SS plot would be enough.

Thanks in advance,


--- bahawi at gmail.com wrote:

> Quick answer:
> PMA is added to THP-1 to be monocyte like cell, So
> you do not need to
> add PMA for fresh monocyte.
> PMA enhances expression of CD14 receptors and may be
> of TLR4 receptor.
> You can use FACS technique to confirm that THP-1
> have gained the
> monocyte characteristics
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