[Immunology] Wanted: Assay Development Associate - BOSTON

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Tue Feb 28 14:40:40 EST 2006

Scientist - Novel Assay Development

BioScale, Inc. is seeking a highly motivated, experienced and creative
Sr Scientist. The successful candidate will work with a
multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers addressing aspects
within protein biochips, biosensors, bioanalytical MEMS platforms,
bioassay development for protein and microbiology applications.


Development of applications using BioScale's biosensor technology and
delivering functioning multiplexed assays for product development.
Solve technical challenges and optimize components relating to bioassay
sensitivity, specificity, multiplexing, non-specific binding, sample
preparation and overall assay design, develop or adapt immunoassays
onto novel detection platforms. Biofunctionalization and immobilization
of biomolecular capture agents on solid supports and preparative
protein biochemistry.

Identifying new applications in the field of protein diagnostics by
literature research and interacting with potential collaborators.

Participate in articulation of product strategy and application
development based on novel sensor technology.

Work with teams of potential customers and partners on joint research
and product development projects.


Candidates should have experience with immunoassay-based diagnostics
and have knowledge of biosensor technologies.  This position requires a
MS / Ph.D. in biochemistry, Immunology or related field with 3+ years
of industry assay development experience.

Successful candidates will be highly motivated individuals with
excellent communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills.

Interested candidates should forward their CV / Resume to email:
jrynak at bioscale.com.
75 Sidney Street

Cambridge, MA

BioScale is a biotechnology company founded in April 2002 by an
experienced entrepreneur and three MIT professors. The environment is
fast-paced and exciting. The team is dynamic, cohesive, and fun.

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