[Immunology] Vaxipred: Computer Aided Vaccine Design

G P S Raghava raghava at imtech.res.in
Wed Jan 11 06:18:10 EST 2006

Dear User
We have recently developed a software package with Biomantra, for subunit
vaccine design which integrates 10 immunoinformatics software and two databases
developed at our group (http://www.imtech.res.in/raghava/). This packages
will be very useful for persons working in the field of immunology.

This software vaxipred is available from http://www.vaxipred.com/ , one may
try this package free for limitted time. We will highly appriciate if you kindly
try and send your comments to me. This will help us in developing better
software packages in future.

I hope you will spare your precious time and will send me your comments.

With best regards


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