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Harold Bien harold.bien at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 13:41:49 EST 2006

The main purpose of CO2 in the incubator is to provide proper pH in the
culture media. For cultures using sodium bicarbonate as the buffer
(typical for RPMI 1640, but you can get variants without) you will need
5% CO2 to maintain proper pH. If you must use an incubator without CO2,
you can try replacing bicarbonate with HEPES or other chemical buffers
that do not require dissolved CO2 for proper pH balance. As for whether
or not the leukocytes will survive in such media, well, I don't know
but it can't hurt to try.

ale san wrote:
> Hello:
>   Does anyone know if i can culture lymphocytes in RPMI 1640 medium in a chamber without CO2?, why not????
>   Thanks, Alejo
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