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forsdyke forsdyke at post.queensu.ca
Tue Jun 13 20:19:50 EST 2006

New book:  Evolutionary Bioinformatics. Springer, New York, June 2006

Dear Group Members,

Although the title may not sound immunological, self/not-self
discrimination is at the heart of much of modern biology, and
Evolutionary Biologists ignore this fact at their peril. So, I have
cobbled together my lectures to mixed classes of computer scientists
and bioscientists, and "Evolutionary Bioinformatics" is the result!

If you found my text "The Origin of Species, Revisited" (McGill-Queen's
Press, 2001) of interest, then this book might be to your liking. It
aims to make the "new" information-base (rather than gene-based)
bioinformatics intelligible both to the "Info" people and the "Bio"
people. By default, there are at least two chapter which are basically

Given the wide interest in Evolutionary Biology, I have tried to write
a book which all can understand and appreciate. The perhaps rather
daunting title implies, correctly, that it is technically heavy in
places, however it was written with the needs of Arts students who are
required to take at least one mandatory science course in mind.

I have tried to make the technicalities intelligible to the
generally-educated person. Underlying everything is my belief that to
really understand a subject one must understand its history. You may be
surprised to find that not only the history of evolution, but also the
history of bioinformatics, extends back at least as far as the
nineteenth century.

For more information, please go to the web-page below, or visit the
Springer Life Sciences page.

Donald R. Forsdyke, Discussion Leader, Bionet.immunology.

Department of Biochemistry,
Queen's University, Canada

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