[Immunology] Major Short Squeeze Likely / FDA Drug Approval

thekingofthestreet2006 at yahoo.com thekingofthestreet2006 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 21 20:26:29 EST 2006

Major Short Squeeze Likely / FDA Drug Approval

There was a short attack on AVNR based on a report by a less than
reputable publication. It opposed the analysis of Avanir's Neurodex
drug up for FDA priority review & approval by Oct. 30th at the
latest. If approved, it will have orphan status giving it a virtual
monopoly on the market. The drug, with all indications approved
could become a multi-billion dollar drug. Avanir just aquired Alamo
Pharmaceuticals in a very slick deal which gives them access to a
professional, fully train in-house pharmaceutical sales force and
adds yet another FDA approved drug under their belt in addition to
Abreva treatment for herpes sores. In addition, AVNR still has a
fully human monoclonal antibody subsidiary which they claim is
better than all others. They have stated they will concentrate on
the full launch of Xenerex after the FDA decision for Neurodex comes
in. They have already discovered an anthrax mAB with near perfect
results in animal studies. Many believe that this technology will
become the biggest breakthrough in the industry.

The short attack was unwarranted and left AVNR with a short interest
of 7M shares with only 30M shares outstanding of which 47% are
insitutionally owned. The short interest reported last month had
jumped from 1.6M to 7M in one period meaning the shorts were unable
to cover. It appears they have increased the short position since
then because of a standard FDA delay. This could all lead to one of
the biggest short squeezes that has ever been witnessed by Wall
Street. This is why short bashers
are in a desperate panic on the message boards trying to scare
longs. Load up on AVNR but do it in cash accounts only and continue
to price average in if they keep up the short attack. This short
group is acting without merit and the longs could make out like


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