[Immunology] Sulfate vs sulfa vs "s" allergy

Ken Brody kwbrody at comcast.net
Fri Oct 6 10:29:08 EST 2006

Someone is trying to say that she is allergic to sulfa, sulfates and  
sulfur.  The sulfa moiety of a sulfa drug I understand does  
precipitate true allergic reactions in susceptible persons.   I  
maintain that it is impossible to be allergic to the sulfate ion--  
for it is ubiquitous in water, foods, and in one's blood and  
interstitial fluids.  Elemental sulfur has no known allergy; having  
no measurable vapor pressure, and if purposely ingested or sniffed  
would make someone gag or cough, possibly, but would not precipitate   
an allergic reaction.
If someone has proof that an allergy to sulfur or sulfates is  
possible or has ever occurred and diagnosed with appropriate testing,  
anywhere,  please email me.
Thank you.
Ken Brody

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